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An Exclusive Membership to a First-Class Tomorrow.

Through five membership tiers, G|CLUBS allows members to create their own unique experience — each designed to promote a first-class tomorrow.

Members will also be able to participate in a sweepstakes for a chance to win various luxury fashion items, 2021 BMW, and $100,000 cash prize.

G|CLUBS memberships provide its members with access to a concierge call center with Mandarin and English access and support.  G|CLUBS members will have the opportunity to attend the annual G|SUMMIT meeting which may occur in person or virtually.  


G|CLUBS members will also get exclusive early access to the latest fashion collections and special member pricing on purchases made on the G|FASHION website.  


Additionally, members receive early access to select music produced by or on behalf of Mr. Miles Guo via G|MUSIC.

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G|CLUBS will continue to look for future benefits for its members, including events, travel, and other offerings.  That includes extended video blogging time with appreciation opportunities on associated social media sites.

G|CLUBS is a membership to the future.
A future of innovation.
A future of freedom.
A future of travel.
A future of fashion.

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