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Four Currencies Joint Programme

     Four Currencies Joint Programme: Building a safe financial system for the Chinese that is independent of CCP financial controls.

    Himalaya Reserve is the independent holding company for all G currencies. It is central to the plans for the Himalaya financial system.

Version 1:

iOS version of “Apple” G Coins

The G Coins, also called Gold Coins, was sold through the Apple App Store within the iOS version of the G-TV app. This virtual currency circulates internally within the G-TV ecosystem.

Use: It can be used to tip channel hosts, upload or download videos, and purchase products on G-TV and, in the future, on G-Fashion.

Version 2:

G Dollar, also called G Yuan, is currently in pre-order and will be distributed to the buyer’s account in 35 days. It is a completely independent system that is supported on PC.

It has the same use and properties as the G Coins sold through the Apple Store. It is also a virtual currency circulating internally within the G-TV ecosystem.

Different from the previous version, G Dollar can be purchased through many payment methods, such as checks, wire transfer, and credit cards through Stripe.

One-time purchase limit is bigger, up to $999,999.99 USD. There is no upper limit on the total amount of coins purchased.

Use: same as the G-Coin sold in the Apple App store

There are 3 options for the future of the G Coins that were sold in Apple App Store:

1. The G Coins sold in the Apple App store may be replaced by the G Dollar sold on the web. The G Coin will definitely disappear.

2. The G Coins may be converted to G-TV stocks through legal arrangements.

3. The G Coins may be converted to private blockchain currency (Yin Coins) or publicly tradable coins (Yang Coins) at the owner’s choice.

Version 3:

Mother Coins: private blockchain virtual currency that can be used on the G-TV and G-fashion platforms.

Both the iOS G Coin and the G Dollar on the G-TV website will be replaced by the Father Coin and Mother Coin in the future. Today’s G Coins will become the future blockchain virtual currency. One G Coin will be equal to one blockchain coin.

Version 4:


The ultimate objective is the Himalaya Reserve. The Father coin, also called Himalaya Coin, will be publicly tradable and circulatable. It will be a stable coin and be a real tangible currency. There will be  physical gold coins with a series of  different values. The world's only modern currency linked to a physical entity and used in conjunction with a virtual currency.

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